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Pick the Carrier, Service, and Rate that is best for your shipment

There are many factors to consider when selecting an LTL carrier to ensure you are getting the best price available for your LTL shipping needs. Aspects such as volume, weight, freight classification, minimum charges, base rates, distances and regions involved can all affect the final price of an LTL shipment. Koho partners with a large network of carriers to examine each potential factor in order to determine the most efficient and cost effective way to ship your cargo. Koho’s system makes it easy to book LTL shipments with confidence that our team of experts will navigate the complexities of LTL shipping rates to find you the best price available for your shipment, guaranteeing you have access to the lowest LTL rates without sacrificing service. 

National & regional carriers

Not all LTL carriers have the same size, capabilities, or business structure, and many specialize in different types of LTL shipping. The best carrier option for your LTL freight shipment will vary depending on where you are located, what you are shipping, and what your priorities are regarding cost, service, and speed. Whether regional, out of state, or cross-country, Koho finds and connects you to the best carrier for your LTL shipment.

Freight of all classes

LTL freight transportation can be complex due to the wide range of factors and logistics involved in combining different shipments into the same truckload. Tariffs differ depending on the freight classifications, weights, distances and zip codes involved in an LTL shipment, and determining the best price can be confusing. Koho scours its vast network of regional and national shippers to find you the best rate based on all of the particular facets involved in your LTL shipment, and its tariffs are competitive across freight classes no matter if you are shipping pillows or machinery.

More freight, lower rates

Got a larger LTL shipment? Koho will compare carriers’ contract and volume LTL rates to find the best price for your shipment so that you can move larger freight without paying extra.

We do it all, from dock to door.

Koho’s network of carriers offers a variety of services to meet all your LTL shipping needs

Residential Delivery

Residential deliveries and pickups are available through Koho’s carrier partners. Ship from anywhere right to your customer's doorstep.

Lift Gates

Don't have a dock? No problem. Koho's carriers can provide lift gate services to deliver your shipment where it needs to go.

Delivery Appointments

Make sure your freight arrives when needed by requesting a delivery appointment.


Be sure, insure. For peace of mind, add full coverage insurance to your shipment.

Guaranteed Transit Times

Need your LTL freight shipped urgently? Meet your deadlines with Koho's guaranteed services.

Anything can happen. Be a hero when it does.

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All-risk Cargo Insurance

Ensure that you have a plan when all does not go as planned. With Koho all-risk cargo insurance, have coverage for unexpected damages or losses.

$0 Deductibles

Koho offers affordable premiums and a $0 deductible so you can focus on what’s important knowing you are covered for all outcomes.

Backed by Expeditors

Koho leverages Expeditors International's Insurance Program, so have assurance when selecting insurance.
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