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Tracking FAQs

How can I track a shipment?

Tracking your shipments with Koho is simple: Just enter your Koho ID# or BOL# into the field above and click the “Track” button. The details of your shipment, including its current status, pickup and expected (or, for shipments that have already been completed, actual) delivery dates, and tracking history will be displayed under the search bar.

Can I track a shipment without a tracking number?

If you don’t have your BOL number, you may be able to use a progressive (PRO) number, shipment reference number, or purchase order (PO) number to get tracking updates from your carrier. With Koho, all documentation related to your shipment is stored in your account and can be accessed from anywhere at any time by any member of your team who has access to the account. If you have any difficulties finding this information, you can always use our in-app messaging system to contact one of our LTL shipping experts for assistance.

Is the BOL number the same as a tracking number?

The bill of lading (BOL) number is the primary identifying number used to track most shipments. For shipments booked with Koho, we assign a unique Koho ID number that can also be used to track shipments on our website. You can use either the Koho ID or BOL numbers to track your shipment.

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